Lolopynder (lolopynder) wrote,

Кофеманам посвящаеццо...

Студенческие работы курса кофепития Шенкара.
Один из завершающих курсов промдизайна. Наслаждайтесь..

Coffee cup by Guy Ehonatan

Espresso and capuccino cups by Lee Casper

The cups stay in exact standart size and with minor but sugnificant change in shape.
The cup becomes an integrative instrument fusing with the hand due to the cups upper egde slanted supportive area.

Espresso cup by Nir Siegel

The three legged espresso cups can be connected to each other.

Roller coaster by Etay Amir

Cubi cup by Michal Zohar

The mug is cubic and has an inner cylidrical shape.
The square shape also assists in isolating the heat.

Threesome by Ron From.

Cofi by Oron Ohayon

Aundrey by Evgeniy Onutchin

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